Examination & Promotion

1. There are three major examinations in a year, i.e., Quarterly, Half yearly and Final besides regular class tests. The pass mark is 40%.

2. Promotions are given on the basis of one year’s internal assessment and not merely on marks scored in the final exams. Every student must be present for all the three major tests and exams. The average of these is taken at the end of the year. Total aggregate of 40% in each subject is a precondition for promotion. Class work and home work are also assessed and awarded.

3. No grade will be given if a child has failed or absent in any subject. Answer scripts of Quarterly & Half yearly Examinations will be shown to the guardians. Final Examination Answer Scripts will not be shown.

4. Each students is a required to be present for 90% of Schools days open-condition for promotion.

5. The result declared at the end of year is final and cannot be considered. In all questions if promotion or failure the Principal’s decision is final.

6. Anyone who resorts to unfair means in the examinations will be dismissed instantly.